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At Longbridge High School, we gladly welcome international students. Through peer support and our interactive hands-on approach to learning, your child will soon become proficient in English as a second language (ESL) while acquiring the best education possible. Your child’s integration into our active classroom setting will provide them with guided academic instruction and ongoing daily support from the classroom teacher and a specialized ESL teacher. In this setting, the learning experience is enhanced through peer interaction at an age-appropriate level. At Longbridge High School, your child will have access to daily ESL instruction, with a specialized ESL teacher, on a one-on-one or small group basis depending on the student’s level. We will ensure your child gets all the support needed to be successful both in and out of the classroom.

As a student, once you are accepted at Longbridge Academy, the principal, the guidance counselor and your teachers will help you to select the right courses to begin this amazing journey in your life.

More than 130,000 students come to study in Canada every year and even more come to Canada to learn English or French. A large number of these students, choose Ontario especially Toronto as their final destination in Canada. Foreign students enrich our classrooms with their culturally diverse knowledge and skill base and are thus a welcomed addition to our school.

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Admission Letter

We need the following documents in order to issue you the admission letter:

Copy of your passport (the pages that show your picture and your date of birth)
Your full address and your telephone number
A copy of your most recent transcript (showing your academic high school history from grade 9 till present)
Your school fees for one academic year (up to 10 academic courses per year)
Notarized the Guardianship forms if you are under 18
Student Visa

You need a student visa if you are planning to study for 6 months or longer in Toronto Canada.

For more information, please visit Canada immigration and citizenship website at:

Medical Insurance

The international insurance study plan provided by Manulife Insurance Company is specially designed for international students who are attending Longbridge High School. Comprehensive health insurance is mandatory in Ontario and every international student must have this coverage while studying in Toronto.

Tuition Fees
Registration fee: CAD 300 (one time and non-refundable fee)
Tuition : CAD 21,000 /year
  • Up to 8 academic courses
  • School facilities
  • Student management fees*
  • Extracurricular Supervision**
  • Custodianship Fee : 1000 CAD / Year (Optional)
  • Resident Fee : 2,200 CAD / Month (Optional)

* Student Management Fees: Organize students to celebrate various festivals, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc., participate in various activity clubs, such as field trip, skiing, interest activities, university visits, monthly birthdays for students, 24 hours with parents, guardians and closely communicate with homestay. Pay attention to students physical and mental health and diet, work and rest, provide psychological counseling and moral education courses every week, and provide student logistics services, such as bank account opening.

** Extracurricular Supervision: After-school tutoring, exam training, various competitions, Canadian study permit, and visa renewal, local passport renewal service, academic supervision and follow up, preparation of university documents and teacher recommendation letters, counseling students to establish changes, interview skills, and other courses. Apply for a university to hire professional psychological counseling.

Refund Policy

The international insurance study plan provided by Manulife Insurance Company is specially designed for international students who are attending Longbridge High School. Comprehensive health insurance is mandatory in Ontario and every international student must have this coverage while studying in Toronto.

Copy of the Letter of Rejection from Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Copy of the Longbridge Academy Official Letter of Acceptance
A written refund request by the parent with signature including the name and address of the cheque recipient

There will be no refund of the tuition fee in the following circumstances:

If the student chooses to withdraw for reasons other than the Study Permit has been denied by Citizenship and Immigration Canada
If the student is found in violation of school regulations and asked to withdraw from the school
If false medical information was given and conditions were not disclosed

In the event that the student’s immigration status changes during the school year, the parent of the student is to contact the International Students and Admissions Office immediately.

School Residence

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Longbridge’s residence is a state of the art facility that offers students a safe and stress free environment. The residence provides a comfortable space for students to study and focus on their academic goals. Residence is open all year, food services are available 365 days of the year. Our students will get the opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world and experience learning in a safe and healthy environment. It is quite common that students feel a bit lost upon arriving at Canada where they face a different environment, culture and living style. With our thoughtful and whole person care and guidance, they will adjust to the new life well and soon. We get to know each newcomer and analyze their needs to tailor make accommodation plan for each student. The plans include arrangement of rooms, meals and extra-curricular activities. They are well supported to start living independently, interact properly, build cross-cultural friendship and get successfully integrated into oversea life.


Service apartments of 4 star standard, safe and cozy
Different floors and areas for boys and girls
Maintained by professional housekeeping staff – safe, clean and convenient
Heating and air-conditioning system with control in individual rooms
School shuttle bus between campus and residence
Luxury swimming pools and fitness room are free to use

Key Benefits of the School Residence


The residence room are shared rooms at (double) complete with a private bath room, student desk, brand new bedding, closet, table lamp, TV, wireless internet and telephone.


Students share the public facility such as the fitness room, swimming pool and coin laundry.


Resident staff offers room cleaning service two times a week for students to ensure they have a healthy environment.


Residents staff/teacher can track academic and social progress of each student.


Residence is always open 365 days a year.


Meals are prepared by a professional chef.

Guardianship Service

guardianship service

Minor students who come to Canada to study and who are not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, must be cared for by a responsible adult in Canada. Parents are the natural guardians for their child. The responsible adults make decisions about the child’s education, support and maintenance. A person appointed as guardian must be suitable and qualified and is usually a close adult relative willing to serve. Longbridge High School provides a comprehensive guardianship service for international students. The objective of the service is to support and provide a safe secure environment for international students who wish the opportunity to experience the Canadian culture and education.

Please Contact Us for more information about guardianship service.

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