Individual Education Plan (IEP)


An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a special education plan that describes special education programs or additional support your child needs.

The IEP helps monitor and assess your child student’s progress, and it is modified as your child’s needs change. IEP developed within 30 days of a student been placed in a special education program. However, it can also be developed for students who have not been formally identified as having special education needs, but require additional support.

Parents are consulted in the development of the IEP and get a copy. This plan is reviewed and updated at least once every reporting period.

Not all students need the same degree of support, which may be different from year to year.

While some students need help moving within a classroom or locations within the school, others may benefit from different teaching strategies. Larger transitions can involve changes in locations or programs and need support from adults.

Special Need Education Plan (SEP)

Special Need Education Plan (SEP)

Longbridge High School is committed to ensuring that all students learn in a supportive and inclusive environment where all voices are valued and heard.

Longbridge High School reviews this plan on an annual basis to ensure it meets current needs. This includes reviewing current practices, planning for professional learning and forming and maintaining important partnerships.

1 to 1 private credit course

1 to 1 private credit course

Here at Longbridge High School we understand that every student has a different way of learning and obtaining information. Private credit courses were designed for students who perform better in smaller class settings or need extra help with certain subjects.

We offer this in all courses from grades 9-12 and students have the option to choose what subjects private credit courses would most benefit them.

Please Contact Us for more information on joining private courses.

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