Longbridge High School (BSID: 881778) is located in The Greater Toronto Area of Richmond Hill, Canada’s economic and cultural center. We are an independent, university preparatory high school dedicated to providing a high quality education at our student’s learning level. At Longbridge Academy, we follow the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Curriculum with high expectations, as we develop an enriched, caring and secure learning environment. We hope all of our students reach their personal best in their high school years as they prepare for their future studies and careers.

Our school welcomes international students from all over the world. Upon arrival, students are met with caring educators, a challenging curriculum, and the means to push forward to achieve success.

Our goal is to inspire lifelong learners through academic success and overall enjoyment in learning. Our students graduate as intellectually astute, culturally adept, and empathetic young citizens. They are prepared for the top universities and the significant lives they plan to lead.

Vision and Mission

Longbridge Academy enables its students with educational skills and valuable experiences allowing each one of them to attain both personal and academic success on the road to becoming empowered citizens that bring about change.


We pride ourselves in promoting the academic, social, physical, and character development of our students as we provide them with a challenging, holistic and supportive learning environment.

High Standards

We set high personal and academic standards for our students. We believe with positive support and direction, students will rise to the challenge of high expectations. 

Recognized and Respected

Our students are identified as unique individuals, each having their own talents and learning capabilities. Our student’s achievements reflect the school’s dedication to providing a high quality, and well-rounded learning system that ensures their success.  


We believe that a partnership of families is critical to maximizing the success of our students. Interactive communication between the classroom teachers, the school and our families are imperative to our program.


A Message From Principal

Greetings and welcome to Longbridge Academy Private High School. I am thrilled that you have decided to view our school’s website in order to learn more about the wonderful students, staff, and programs we have to offer. Longbridge Academy has a reputation of being a compassionate, caring and welcoming environment and we continue to strive to become the best. It is with great excitement that we get ready to embark upon a new school year with anticipation of new opportunities that will enhance our instructional program and school community as a whole. We are committed to providing innovative lessons to our students which incorporate technology that supports our students’ needs as 21st century learners.
To our students, I ask that you reflect on your goals and strive not only to pursue personal excellence but also to demonstrate your perseverance and integrity. Know that I am here to support and encourage you as you explore different possibilities and grow as learners. Remember that with these opportunities, comes both a personal and collective responsibility to be supportive of one another. I will count on you to go beyond tolerance and treat all members of our community with respect. A school that aspires to greatness can expect no less.

Nazanin Akbari
BA, RN Nurse, Specialist Guidance
Longbridge Academy Principal

About Our Teachers

Our High Achieving Teaching Staff

Longbridge Academy’s teaching staff are all highly educated as they have either finished their education with a Masters or Ph.D. and have acquired plenty of teaching experiences. Our school’s strict background check ensures that our students are getting the highest quality as it allows us to develop individualized teaching methods for different students, which focuses on cultivating the student’s potential.

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Dr. Jahanbakht

Dr. Jahanbakht