About Us

Longbridge High School (BSID: 881778) is located in The Greater Toronto Area (Richmond Hill) , Canada’s economic and cultural center. We are an independent, university preparatory high school dedicated to providing a high quality education at our student's learning level. At Longbridge Academy, we follow the Ontario Ministry of Education's Curriculum with high expectations, as we develop an enriched, caring and secure learning environment. We hope that all our students reach their personal best in their high school years as they become prepared to pursue their future studies and careers. 

Our school welcomes international students from all over the world. Upon arrival, students are met with caring educators, a challenging curriculum, and the means for them to push forward to achieve success.

Our goal is to inspire lifelong learners through academic success and overall enjoyment in learning. Our students graduate as intellectually astute, culturally adept, unfailingly empathetic young citizens, prepared not only for top universities but for the significant lives they plan to lead. They are ready and eager to change the world for the better.


Vision & Mission


Longbridge Academy enables its students with educational skills and valuable experiences that will allow each and every one of them to attain both personal and academic success and become empowered citizens that bring about change. 


  • We pride ourselves in promoting the academic, social, physical, and character development of our students as we provide them with a challenging, holistic and supportive learning environment.

High Standards

  • We set high personal and academic standards for our students. We believe that with positive support and direction, students will rise to the challenge of high expectations. 

Recognized and Respected

  • Our students are identified as unique individuals, each having their own unique talents and learning capabilities. Our student’s achievements reflect the school’s dedication to providing a high quality, well-rounded learning system that ensures their success.  


  • We believe that a partnership of families is critical to maximizing the success of our students. Interactive communication between the classroom teachers, the school and our families are imperative to our program.

Private Schools’ Benefits


  • Having a good reputation in global higher education allows for over 95%  of students to be admitted to their first-choice universities.
  • Many private high schools offer international exchange programs, co-ed or even single-gender schools and special needs schools. 


  • Since private schools are not dependent on government funding, they have more freedom in curriculum design and general governance. 
  • The teachers  employed by private schools are increasingly dedicated as they are under supervision and strict contract provisions by the Principal and Ministry of Education.

Parents Involvement

  • Private school's curriculum design allows for increased parental involvement which greatly influences the child educational progress and discipline.

Small Group Interaction

  •  Private schools establish smaller class sizes, decreasing the student-teacher ratio, to ensure that the child has more attention from the teacher, in order to improve academically. The small classes allow the students to develop skills in becoming a leader as well as develop skills in academic discourse. In public schools, most classrooms are overcrowded which decreases the chance of a student getting the extra attention needed in academics.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • They have excellent co-curricular activities such as arts, sports, clubs, and music that public schools cannot match.
  • Most private schools meet and even in some cases, exceed provincial and national educations standards, so you are sure that your child is getting a quality education in a quality environment that does not affect the health of your child. 

Programs Offers and Facility

  • There is more bureaucracy that leads to more advanced programs and positive change at the institution. 
  • Most private schools are highly equipped with IT programs that allows our students to become increasingly innovative thinkers, ready for the future.

Public Schools’ Benefits

Cost Effective

  • Public schools in Canada are free (local students only), paid for by the government via the people’s tax. So, if you have financial problems, your child is still going to get an education.


  • Your child is most likely to be exposed to a wider range of different people because public schools don’t make prospective students to undergo interviews to get admissions.

Programs Offer

  • They also offer specialized courses just like private schools such as special needs, arts etc. 

Easy Enrollment

  • Public schools are generally not selective hence no hassle to get into, unlike private schools that are very selective.